When entering the gallery, visitors step into an imaginary forest where 500 specimens sit beside one another into 14 one-of-a-kind groups: beautiful tails or beautiful beaks, babies, couples, etc. The content is shared with digital tablets lent to visitors. They present pictures and videos of the animals in nature.  Vitiros can also choose their own virtual visit guide between a naturalist expert, and ecologist or even the night watchman, the later having losts of special memories and anecdotes on the Museum…

Description of the project:
Research, scenario, design, graphic design, fabrication of structures, screen tablets and interactive games’ programming, installation.

Main challenge:
The main challenge was that of grouping specimens according to their looks, not their classification. That brought us to be even more creative with the content.  The use of tablets for all the content was also a new step for us. Our efforts were well rewarded by the visitors who adopted the tablets very rapidely.

Date of lauch:

Name of client:
Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science