Our team

Marie-Claude Letarte

Director Creation & Innovation

819 564-3200, ext. 247

Marie-Claude plans, organizes, and directs travelling and permanent exhibition projects. They are not only for the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Scicnce, but also for other institutions who choose to give the production of their exhibition to the Creation and Innovation team. Under her direction, this multidisciplinary and experienced team has been accumulating successes for many years. The fact that the team works inside a museum gives its members an increased sensitivity to the visitors’s needs.

Holder of a major in history from the Laval University as well as a certificate in cinematographic studies, Marie-Claude holds close to 25 years of experience in museology. She joined the team of the Museum of Nature and Science in 1999 as a project manager. Before, she had worked for the Musée de la civilisation, the McCord Museum and the Sherbrooke History Museum. For now five years, she has been directing the  Creation & Innovation team, built up of 10 people.

Caroline Harvey


Caroline creates spaces, draws gallery plans and  outilnes paths. She produces 2D drawings, 3D modeling and rendering, and chooses materials according to specific needs. She excels in atmosphere creation, through her choice of lighting, colours, shapes and materials.

Caroline studied in architecture and museology at the Laval University. She holds 20 years of experience in exhibition design, whether they are temporary, permanent, or made for travelling. In total, she has created over fifty large exhibition of very varied themes. She also developped exterior interpretation trails and participated to the elaboration of many multimedia games, and more recently, to augmented reality experiences.

Creative, collaborative and a godd listener, she satisfies expectations with great ideas. Rigorous in her methodology and in the reach of her goals, she constantly renews her inspiration by visiting artistic and cultural spaces. She also has a need to refill her ressources in nature many times a year.

Katy Crépeau

Scientific Communication Specialist

Katy contributes to the exhibition production by developping the content for the visit and turning it into an experience. She is the bridge between the scientific committee and the public. She helps the ideation team by making sure the most important content is included and stays true wathever the museological means used. She is always looking for innovative ways to pass on content to provide memorable experiences. She is the one we count on to bring humor and playfulness in an exhibition.

Katy’s work sticks out by her global view, her approach centered on visitors and their visit experience, her creativity and her concern with arousing visitors’ interactivity and intelectual curiosity. Katy advocates fun and interactive means to pass on content.

Marc Decourt

Graphic designer

Multidisciplinary and eager to always learn new ways of communicating visually, Marc soaks up the project them from the beginning. He first thinks globally to find creative possibilities, and then, on the contrary, finds creative details that make the project unique. Curious by nature and eager to discover, Marc always tries to surpass expectations despite the constraints that can happen during the project.

After his studies in graphic design at the Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués as well as in semiology, Marc quickly discovered the endeless possibilities that could be brought by this creative environment.

Hi professionnal experiences have brought him to work in the fields of publishing, cinema, television, education and institution, using mediums such as print, video, web and other interfaces.  His participation to small and big projects for clients all around the world has asked him to adapt frequently and to find outstanding creative solutions. He also had the opportunity to teach the creativity/curiosity principle during TEDx events and workplace training.

At the Museum, Marc works with the team on both internal and external projects.

Luc Lapointe

Technology developer

Luc has been working at the Museum for 24 years. First as an exhibition structure maker and setup supervisor, then as a multimedia developer. His personal interest in computer science, mixed with his experience in the museological field and his studies in history make him an outstanding developer. Motivated and versatile, he likes to renew his abilities through new challenges.  After his university studies in computer science and software programming, Luc has developped many fixed interactives and mobile applications.

Having spent his professional life in the museum field, Luc can easily combine the subtleties of a subject with the power of technology. He knows the right systems, whether material or software, to bring the creators’ vision to life.

Luc can create programs for Windows, Android applications and dynamic eWeb 3.0 projects. The programming of micro controlers give him access to the human-machine interaction,  a great enhancement in  visitor experiences. Finally, Luc also create augmented reality projects.

Richard Dupuis

Technology developer

Richard has worked at the museum for 13 years, first as an electronics technician, then as a setup supervisor and finally as a multimedia developer.

Richard can produce varied multimdedia contents, from audio/video editing to subtitling to special effects designing.  He can work with many diffferent palt-forms. He also developped physical detection and security systems for many permanent and travelling exhibitions.

With an exeperience based on the museum field, Richard is upo to date and eager to learn new multimedia technologies. He wants to give reliable products that satisfy the requirements of the creators.

Exhibit builders

The six exhibit builders fabricate the structures, prototypes, showcases, electronic equipment supports and all other structural elements of the exhibitions. They also install the exhibition on the presentation site and provide the aftersale service.  They motivate the choice of materials, participate to the evaluation of costs and do the final setup. They also validate the feasibility of some elements of complex shape or mecanism. For some fragile or interactive components, they do their own technical drawings and prototypes.

Each memeber of this team has a unique expertise gained over the years. Together, they hold up to 100 years of experience.

Michel Brochu

The great meticulousness of Michel Brochu has made him become a master in the fabrication of supports for objetcs inside showcases. Indeed, he always knows where and how to hold an object or specimen, without giving up on subtility and elegance. He also loves the challenge of designing interactives.

Nicolas DeCristofaro

Nicolas likes to fabricate strong and solid structures, while optimizing their setup efficiency and elegance for the exhibition’s circulation. He likes to think about how to build structures that can also be used as supports for screens and showcases.

Michel Brabant

Michel Brabant likes to create structures with an impeccable finish and that can be dismantled easily for the exhibition ciruculation. Michel is particularly skillful to fabricate replicas.

Christian Lescop

Often on the road, Christian does a great part of the exhibitions’ setups and tear downs during their circulation in other museums. When not on the road, he helps build structures. He is versatile and can easily guide a team during an exhibition setup or bring some  extra help for occasional unexpected situations.

Gilles Noël

Gilles has an overflowing creativity to invent devices meant to demonstrate a scientific principle or to fabricate intractive models. What seems complex for one is an intellectual delect for him. just challenge him to see him burst with ideas!